by cody tamling at 9:37 PM
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Hey everyone! Several of you are gearing up for the new Crafting dead server, The Walking Noodle! We are very close to done, we just have some finishing touches and some other things to build. So, we are looking for some more people, bonus is there will be a reward for building, and that is...upon will receive a free donors rank, and a very good one as well! We really want to be launched by mid-march and need some desperate help.

If you are interested in helping post a comment saying some things you have worked on, and your skype name (very important)

We are looking for some more real-life / modern style buildings, and furnishers! If you are interested PLEASE comment! <3
by cody tamling at 7:10 PM
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Hey there ladies and gentle-noodles! We are still cracking away on the TCD server and we need a name! We decided on a few, but I will also add others into the poll if you have any ideas just add them in the comments! Also, you can vote for multiple choices! So choose all the ones you like :) At this time we are planning to release sometime in March! I know...2 months..long time.. but we are doing a ton of building and customizing, it happens. In the meantime, if you have the pack already I suggest honing your zombie killing Skittlezzz (yeah I said it.), or just keep doing your Noodle-y duties ;) Anyway, Stay coolio peeps! Leave your ideas in the comments and don't forget to vote ;D Baiiiii
by NoodleNetworks at 10:55 AM
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Hai all!

The day has finally arrived after waiting a whole year! Its CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone and their families has a wonderful Christmas! It's been a great year for NoodleNetworks and a lot is to come! A lot of staff are not going to be on at all or rarely due to the Christmas period. If you have an issues and there is no staff online, post a forum thread. :3


by NoodleNetworks at 4:55 PM
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Over the next few hours, the website is getting an update. This will mean that many bugs will be fixed and more might be created! They will all be fixed tho!

I will let you all know when the website has been successfully updated!


Ryan <3
by cody tamling at 3:18 PM
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Hello everybody! After talking to Ryan for quite a bit we have decided on opening a new server. The pack we are opening on is The Crafting Dead. A buddy and I were playing on this pack for a while and decided this would be a great server for noodle and then talked to Ryan about it. He like the idea so here we are :p I'm not giving too much details because we are doing quite a bit of work getting it started and built and then there's gonna be more of us implementing our ideas to make the server stand out. So just be ready ;)

If you want to try the pack out you can get it here:

EDIT: If you really want to help jump over to here and have a little read and leave a comment:...
by dynamitechick at 11:18 PM
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Hello fellow Noodlers!
It is I, the one and only, Admin Dynamite! I am here to state that i feel we, as a community, need to make noodle more festive. Christmas-wise. As a start, i got multiple people changing their names to be more festive. Now I need your help. Help me force Ryan, the owner if you did not know, to make the server chat and the server overall more festive for this holiday. i will start working around spawn trying to make it more festive along with maybe, possibly hold christmas related games on both the forums and the server? you decide! The poll is for multiple responses so you can choose 2,3,4 or all of them if you like them all! please leave feedback below if you want to make more suggestions or comments about this! And as always, Have a nice day!

P.S. The changes will be reverted back to normal sometime after New Years Day!
by NoodleNetworks at 10:20 PM
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I am pleased to announce that we have read through many applications and we have picked 3 new staff members. The 3 new staff members are:

  • TyMas_20
  • Maddiethegood
You will be promoted as officers tomorrow afternoon (UK time). If you were unsuccessful becoming staff, don't worry, we are always looking for staff. In the next few weeks, we might be needing one more officer.

Thank you all for your applications,

Ryan and the crew (staff) <3
by NoodleNetworks at 10:17 PM
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Greetings Citizens of TekkitNoodle!

We are wanting to improve the server by a ton and make it the best tekkit server out there! This is why I am asking for suggestions for the server. What would you love to see on the server the most? You never know, in the up coming weeks/months you might see it happen! Leave all your suggestions below :)


Ryan <3
by FlameAssault65 at 9:31 AM
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Land Claiming Tutorial:
I have been on the server and have seen people asking how to claim land so I decided to make this tutorial and include some pictures to make it a lot easier for you all.

Link to tutorial:

If you have any more questions please leave a comment or PM me! :D
by NoodleNetworks at 12:04 AM
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Many of you earlier today couldn't get online to the servers. This was because the minecraft authentication and session servers were down. This issue has been resolved and you can start playing on the servers again :)

Ryan <3