by NoodleNetworks at 12:38 AM
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The server will be down for a few hours while we perform some maintenance.

Updates will soon follow! This includes someone who is taking over the server while I'm at university...

Thank you,

Ryan <3
by NoodleNetworks at 7:46 PM
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I am pleased to announce that a new world has been released. This is a complete fresh start for ALL players. All ranks, time played, donation ranks, money etc have been reset. You are able to access this new world by doing /world2. If you want to get back to the original map, you can by doing /survival.

This new world has 0 banned items. This means that nothing is banned and you are free to use anything you wish.

I'll keep you updated with any other changes made. I have also fixed the vote link on both worlds. Over the next few weeks the other main server will eventually have 0 banned items. Just fixing a few other things there first.

Thank you to cyclops29 over at ModdedNetwork for helping me out and providing a lot of fixes!

Ryan & NoodleNetworks Team <3
by NoodleNetworks at 11:32 AM
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0 Banned items coming soon...

watch this thread for more information coming soon!
by FreddoFoo at 4:08 PM
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Hello everyone, FreddoFoo here,

I have made this thread for the soul purpose of some research and information gathering. What would you guys like to see on a new TekkitNoodle map? If you have any ideas, please post them on this thread, and we shall look at them as possible improvements to the server. Be it a spawn design idea, or a simple request, all will be read and considered.

We look forward to looking at your ideas,

TekkitNoodle Staff Team :)
by NoodleNetworks at 11:19 AM
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This is a note for anyone thinking to change their name and wanting there donation rank back. It has come to a point where a lot of old people are coming back with their in game name name changed or new accounts created. It is becoming a lot of work to transfer the ranks over due to not having half of buycraft's details due to an account change in 2014. Also, searching through our group manager adjusting ranks can cause other people to be demoted if they use /ar check to be promoted. This being said, if you change your name or create a new account, I won't be able to transfer your rank anymore. However, I'm willing to do it till the end of the month (30th June).

Thank you,

Ryan <3
by NoodleNetworks at 9:50 PM
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We are working on reducing the banned item list as well as remove the restricted items on the server. I am pleased to announce that the following items has been unbanned and restrictions have been lifted.

  • ComputerCraft
  • TNT
  • Nukes
  • Industrial TNT
  • Destruction Lens
  • Hyperkentic Lens
  • Destruction Lens
  • Mining Laser
  • DM Pedestal
  • Amulets
  • Mercurial Eye
  • Gem of eternal density
We also have planned on unbanning gem armour and all the rings. However, we just need to confirm that they aren't too destructive or bypass protection claims.


by NoodleNetworks at 11:51 PM
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I am pleased to announce we are now offering company packages over on buycraft. This enables you to setup your own company that includes a custom prefix, start up cash, kits for the members of your company and in the top tier company a custom warp that enables players to teleport to where ever you want. The kit includes:

  • 4 High voltage solar arrays
  • 4 Computers
  • 30 Monitors
  • 20 Red matter
  • 5 overclocker upgrades
  • 5 Range upgrades
  • 5 Energy storage
You are able to obtain this kit every 24 hours for each player in your company. Each of the tiered company has a set amount of players you can add to the company, including add player extra. People in your company also get the prefix. The prefix comes before your in game rank. Example: "[Company Name] [Gold] Killerryan13".

The crate rewards are also being updated tomorrow afternoon that includes updated rewards and the chance of getting a...
by NoodleNetworks at 11:43 PM
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I first want to apologize on the slight delay in posting the new staff! I had to read through the applications twice as it was quite hard to pick just 2 new staff members and the delay was also caused with in real life things! :)
However, I have made my decision on who the new staff will be:

  • RutvikGaming
  • chomper777
Thank you everyone for your staff applications! Had some really good applications this time around! However, its not the end of the world if you didn't get in! I am looking for one more person! I'm going to be looking through the applications and seeing who the best player would be! :eek: Staff promotions and demotions will be happening tomorrow. Demotions will only be happening for the inactive staff members. Those staff members would have been notified if they have been inactive. Some amazing updates are coming soon including a reduced banned items list and a new feature!

Thank you!

Ryan <3

ps: New staff will get their ranks when i'm home...
by NoodleNetworks at 6:20 PM
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I have recently taken a little break from the minecraft community to work on other projects. However, I'm back to work on the server TekkitNoodle. I have quite a few things planned but wanted to hear your suggestions! If you have a suggestion on what you want to see happen on TekkitNoodle or something improved, put them down below for me to see!

Ryry <3
by Thomas Hickford at 9:08 PM
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Hey Guys, TheBrokenGamer15 here.

Now, we know that many of you may have lost claimblocks and now are unable to play because you can't expand your existing claims or create new ones. To avoid overcrowding the help forum I would ask that everyone posts about the issue of claimblocks in this thread. This also means that all the posts are in one place. I will be taking responsibility for restoring the claimblocks of all players.

Please post below your Minecraft username, the amount of claimblocks you currently have, even if it's negative and how many you had before things went wrong, rounded to the nearest thousand.

Thanks <3