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Hai All!

It's come to that time once again, we are needing a map reset. I know, I know, we all hate them including myself. However, it's needed. The server is starting to crash every few minutes and becoming very unstable. Who likes a laggy and a server that crashes? I don't think anyone does. I have spent ages trying to resolve the crashes and to stop the lag. It just isn't working. It's time for the survival server to be reset.

So, what is being reset on the survival server, I hear you ask?
Well, everything. We need everything to be reset because we all like a fresh start. The map is being wiped, inventories and alchemy bags and In game money. We wanted to wipe ALL inventories and bags because we were aware that there were many dupes and items that people did not get legit. Also, we decided after 2 years to reset the in game money of the server. To sum up the...
by NoodleNetworks at 9:03 PM
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Its come to the point on FTB unleashed that we are needing a new map. The current map keeps crashing and causing some players issues with rollbacks and its becoming annoying. The server is going to be reset on Monday 30th June at 4pm GMT. The reset will include ALL fresh new worlds. You can save your items in your inventory and bags etc. They will all be saved. After the map reset, there will be no lag and no so many crashes as well as a few fixes with the banned items!

by NoodleNetworks at 9:08 PM
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Hexxit is needing 2 new helpers that will help out on the server. We are needing helpers that can help players and assist with any issues that arise within the Hexxit community. The applications close in 2 weeks time. The format for a helper application is located here :

Thanks and good luck!

by NoodleNetworks at 7:50 PM
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How you obtain the poketrainer on the server has now changed. You will automatically get the rank when you complete the steps below rather then waiting for a staff member of pixelmon to assign you into the rank.
Currently, the poketrainer rank is only available on Classic Pixelmon server.

1) Sign in/Register an account on the forums.
2) Then go to your personal preferences here(Make sure you are signed in):
3) Scroll down till you see "Minecraft Username". Please enter your Minecraft username. This is CaSe SeNsItIvE.
4) Then save changes at the bottom of the page.
5) If you are already in game on the pixelmon classic server than log out of the server and log back in. You will obtain the poketrainer rank.

It should work 100% with no problems. If not, please contact a staff member. All the other servers on Gottacraftemall will be getting the poketrainer rank too tomorrow....
by smallfooty at 1:59 PM
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It is with a sad heart that i am going to leave FTB and the NoodleNetworks networks this is firstly because of the ill health of my farther and ill be spending more time sorting thing out.
I have had a great time building the FTB server up to were it is but family first.

So with a sad heart, I will see you all around!
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Hello all!

I am pleased to announce that we have successfully merged with The entire forum and members have been added to the forums. I have been meaning to do this for a long time because its nice to have all the servers and forums in one place so everyone can help each other.

Please bare in mind that we have only just added them so we are moving things and adjusting. Please report any bugs to the forums. Members from can use their account on here as per normal.


NoodleNetworks <3
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We have new plugin that is very good. It is Pixelmon Crates. When you vote for the server you get a crate which has random items in it depending on what tier it is. The tiers are listed below:

[1] Iron Crate:  
          - 2 diamonds - 264
          - 5 pokéballs -  8256
          - 1 rare candy 10261
[ 2] Diamond Crate:
    - 15 diamonds - 264
    - 10 pokéballs - 8256
    - 2 rare candy - 10261
    - 2 Potions - 10262
            Choice band - 12262

[3] Titanium Crate:
    - 15 pokéballs - 8256
    - 20 diamonds - 264
    - 5 Antidotes - 10314
    - 5 rare candy - 10261
    - 2 full restore - 10313
            - widelense - 12274
[4] Cobalt Crate:
    - 10 Great Ball - 8257                                                    
            - 20 pokéballs - 8256
            - 10 rare candy - 10261
            - 5 full restore - 10313
            - 1 max potion - 10308
            - 25 diamonds 264
            Choice  specs - 12264
[5] Iridium Crate:
            -  35...
by footy at 2:06 PM
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Hello Players of Feed the Noodle.

I can proudly say that i have now unbanned Quantum Gens.

Ultimates Changes

Ultimates will no longer use the command gamemode, instead ultimate will have two shorter commands.

/creative - This command will save the players inventory And convert the player into creative mode.

/survival - This command will restore the players survival inventory and convert the player to survival mode.

The gamemode command is now strictly a staff rank.

Quantum Gens cannot be place while in Creative Mode so Ultimates Please do not try and plant the Quantum Gens in creative or else they will turn to dirt.

Ultimates cannot use external inventories while in creative mode, This allow us to stop duping of the Quantum Gens and also to allow the ultimate to enjoy the market more.

There is only one bug, Any ultimate who log in on creative will not be able to...
by footy at 5:15 PM
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Hello Feed the Noodle.

Due to A Major Error With Manger Plugin i have prosponed the Release date for Quantum Gen For One Day.

Tomoro They will be Released and i will correct the issue Today.

Thank you

by footy at 12:07 PM
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Hello Players of Feed The Noodle

I can happley report that the Testing of three major plugins was a success!, There was only one minor bug but that wont effect the release date of the quantum Gens.

The Quantum Gens will be Live on the 30th of April 2014!!!. Time Around mid day GMT time.

What Also Happened during this hour ?

Nether World - Reset!
Twilight-World - Reset!
Ender-World - Reset!
Charging Station put in spawn

Thank you for your patience