by footy at 4:19 PM
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Hello Players on the Noodle Network!

I have been really Busy with the development of a custom plugin which cannot be seen on the Bukkit website.

I am planning on unbanning certain items on Feed The Noodle Server.

What Is This Plugin??

Well first of all this plugin is part of the key chain to unban certain items and this plugin has to be installed to place certain restrictions to control the quantities of some of these items because these items themselves are really powerful blocks.

Which Rank Has Changes ?

Ultimate - This is our top Rank and this rank has GameMode which could be used to spawn in these items if unbanned and this would upset the amount of these items in-game.

Changes - Ultimate will still be able to build in GameMode and use all the blocks within GameMode but the only differences is they wont be able to spawn in the new Items been unbanned.

The New change as well is we would think that Ultimates would like to have more fun...
by smallfooty at 7:58 PM
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Hi everyone on F.T.B
the vote rewards have been fix so vote away guys and dolls
by smallfooty at 6:17 PM
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Hi feed the nood
player Rewards have been updated each player will get the following
$1500- in-game money
600- claim blocks
x4 low voltage solar array
10- UU Matter
10- Diamonds
4- Apiary

I know some players have had problems with the vote rewards but staff are aware of this and players affected will get there rewards

have fun and remember be lucky
by smallfooty at 9:10 AM
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Hi to all in ftb
First I would like to say a big thank you to all the players that put in a application to be on the staff team as always it’s a hard job to pick players to be staff so if you didn’t get picked this time don’t feel bad theres always next time.
So onto the news we have picked 2 new officers and promoted 1 officer to pre-mod they are as follows

Jaws1844 (officer)
Sparkus81 (officer)
Darknight5124 (officer to pre-mod)

Congrats to you and welcome to the feed the noodle team

by NoodleNetworks at 6:08 PM
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The server was offline for an hour today due to a few errors with the mining world. The mining world has been removed for 24 hours and will be regenerated.

Sorry about the downtime,

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Hi to all The Feed Noodle Community
We have now moved into the top 20 in the vote listing and for that i would like to say a big thankyou to all The Feed Noodle players
we now see 30 to 40 players online every day !!! fantastic !!!
as a thankyou Feed The Noodle will be having a drop party on the 29th march

!!!!! yes thats right a drop party!!!
this will start at 5pm cen time usa and thats 8pm gmt
and yet again a big thanks to all and remember keep the votes comming in
by footy at 11:25 AM
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Hello Community of Noodle-Networks

A series of crashes which had the server down for five hours has been fixed and the server is stable.

Crash Report : The cause was corruption in Mining World Three.

Response Time : I must apologize for the response time as i was not contacted about the crash and found it when I woke up.

What Now? : I am going to monitor and analyse how the map got corrupted to try and prevent the event happing again.

Mining World : The Mining World will be closed for now but will have my main attention.

by smallfooty at 8:00 PM
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Feed The Noodle
Hi Ladies and Gents

The new PVP arena is finished and is ready for all to have fun killing each other.

It is a free for all and keep inventory is set to!! off !! so when you die you lose your gear.

At spawn you will find 2 more portals one red one blue to enter the PVP arena use the appropriate portal.
by smallfooty at 8:39 AM
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Player Market
Hello ladies & Gents of FTB
I have droped the price to rent a plot in the player market to :- (1500 for 7 days rent ) I hope this help's so lets get the player market full of shops :p

Mining World
I have re-set the mining world and players can now protect there mine's by claiming the land around them.
remember you are useing your own claim block to protect your mine so remember to do /abandomclaims to the land when your mine is finished to reclaim your claim blocks

If i find players building in the mining world the building will be deleted
therefore don't do it
If players abuse the claim land protection i will remove it !!!!!!!