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    im sure nothing can be done about this, but if any help could be given id be thankful.

    So anyways the player canceroustumor00 one day came to my land to give me some rubber which i asked for so that was fine. after i recieved my rubber i went off to mine some stuff when i come back the area around my house has all been destroyed. Not a big deal personally just a little dirt and everything is fine. The problem is how this happened because i know he set a home there.

    Now we come to today. I have been working on moving out into a bigger house which is in the process of being built. This house isnt too far away from where my original house is. When i logged on to the server today i come to find a sign that reads "Canceroustumor has prevented a grief pay me 2k to unclaim" this is very aggravating seeing as ive already put a couple hours into the build. Yes the area was unclaimed which is why i cant really ask for anything formal. From my end i enjoy building large houses and stuff as i stated in my last post i was a builder at a time though no one believes me. anyways i dont have the claim blocks to claim the area that i am working in. Like i said im not asking for anything formal but if any help could be giving thatd be lovely because at this point im not sure im going to play anymore if im going to be unable to do the one thing i play for.

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    I don't know your ingame name however none of it was claimed. What I have done is remove the claim that "canceroustumour00" had put, and claimed over the entire thing myself. Let me know if you see me and I'll transfer the claim over to you. I will also deal with canceroustumour along with this.


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