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    NoodleNetworks - Tekkit Update
    Update: The new map/update is live on TekkitNoodle.

    Hello Noodles. Firstly I'd like to thank you all for the continued support for the past 4 years, yes, we've been here that long, we're coming up to our 5th birthday!

    I've [2.0] been recently configuring new plugins and getting new plugins to execute new updates. Which are playing a big part in this map reset.

    The map is 6 months old, the map is often wiped every 6 months on average, so within this new map, we'll be adding a lot of new features, most are listed below, but more are possibly going to be added over the next few days.


    What's staying:
    • Donator Ranks
    • Spawn
    • Claimblocks
    • Timed Ranks
    What's going:
    • Money
    • Items
    • Map
    We're only resetting the money to execute a fresh brand new economy to accommodate our new economy plugins - more info below.

    Dates: The new map/update will be active on on Friday the 7th of July 2017 at around 8PM GMT. If delayed, an update will follow.


    What's being added:

    • Companies - our long awaited, new company system is finally being pushed onto the server.
    • Minimum Prices - we now have plugins to enforce our strict minimum price rule within both, auctions and chest shops.
    • Mob Arena - we will be adding this minigame as a new way to make money on the new map.
    • Chat Shuffle - this will also be added on the new map as a new way to make money and items, this plugin is very similar to the vanilla plugin "Chat Reaction" you un-scramble words in chat to win money, items or claimblocks!
    • Entities - After hours and hours of work, I finally found the issue to the "drop bug" - it turns out our entity plugin is having issues, so, we've added a new one to accommodate the new map!
    • EnderChest Crash Fix - Speed mining ender chest crash bug will be fixed on the new map.
    • ForceField & MFFS Reactor Heat Monitor Crash Fix - placing these two items next to each other would crash the server, this is also fixed on the new map.
    • Companies will be available to donators of Gold Rank or above. Companies are also available to buy from our store separately.
    • Donators of Gold Rank+ will receive access to the brand new /company command and the existing /kit company kit on the new map.
    • As normal you will be able to do /redeem to retrieve your in-game money from your purchased ranks. The last time this feature was used it was beta and did not work correctly, it has now been fixed.
    • SSL is now active on our site, but it is still being configured and is not working correctly, and is currently only working on pages that does not pull data from external sources.
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