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    Hello folks,

    Recently I have noticed that a few issues have been brought up in regards to under/overpricing. In light of this, I have come up with some minimum prices for the more expensive and issue-related items. These prices are the lowest that they can be sold for, however you may sell for more if you wish, as I would like to see a booming and rich economy, and not one where you can buy inventories of HVs for a few dollars.

    The pricing is as follows:
    HV Solars - $1500/16
    MFSUs - $1250/16
    MFEs - $700/16
    RM Furnaces - $1500/16
    DM Furnaces - $1250/16
    Red Matter - $1000/16
    Dark Matter - $750/16
    Collector MK3 - $1600/32
    Relay MK3 - $1450/32
    Klein Star Omega - $10,000/1
    Quantum armour - $750/piece, $2000/set
    Filters - $200/32
    Iridium - $500/16
    UU-Matter - $300/32
    Timer - $200/32
    Condensers - $250/16
    Swiftwolf’s Rending Gale - $450/1
    Ring of Arcana - $1000/1
    Gem armour - $750/piece, $2000/set
    Morning Star/Katar - $1000/1

    As for other items, please use common sense and ask staff if you are unsure, as we are here to help you. We don’t bite!

    Anyone caught charging too little for items will find themselves being punished. If there is a sign selling items for too little, it will be removed and you will be warned. If you ignore this warning, you will face losing your right to own a player shop. As for auctions, you could face losing the ability to auction. Anything further than this will result in bans ranging from a few days to permanently based on how serious/common the offense is. Please enjoy your time on TekkitNoodle, and stay safe!

    -FreddoFoo, Head Admin
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    ok this is ok

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