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    I am very sorry about posting this in the admin thread, it was meant for moderation application. instead of copy and paste i thought i would just retype it out

    In-Game Name:

    About me:
    I am currently in between jobs, i have a highly creative mind and good memory and great attention to detail. I'm very playful but i also have a serious side too

    Iron Donor

    Hours on server:
    (edit update,) 300 hours

    How often are you on?
    i'm on anytime of the day. usually from 2pm (5am uk time) till 4 am (7pm uk time) are my peak hours. roughly 10+ a day

    Tekkit Experience:
    a year and a half on tekkit. i know most of the mod pack except the redpower frames and redpower computer system, and balkons weapons mod, i play peaceful servers only. little PvP experience altho compared to vanilla PvP Tekkit might be fun

    Mod/Admin Experience:

    I have not had any mod or admin experience with open game servers, i have run the occasional private server for minecraft and hack/mine. I am admin/ mod on a forum but i'm not sure that is relevant

    Time Zone:
    Australia Brisbane 10+gmt

    (edit update,) 24

    What would you do if someone was being griefed?
    Check for grief, roll back if possible/ necessary and tempban the culprit

    What would you do if someone was spamming chat?
    Kick them

    What would you do if someone was hacking?
    Perm ban the hacker !

    What would you do if someone was asking for items from you?
    Deny items and if they persist mute them for 5 minutes

    Explain why we should pick you as an admin:
    Honestly I'm not sure what i can bring to the table to improve on this server. I have noticed a few times where it has been just one admin/ mod on trying to deal with multiple people and i feel that even admin/ mods need time to relax on the server and play tekkit " like a Sir". I wanna help ease the load on you guys for doing such an great job.I am willing to learn if you are willing to teach me.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I hope you consider me as a valid candidate,
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